We Build Innovative and Efficient Apartments—and Community

6 March 2020

Apartment living attracts fun, modern and vibrant residents. Our Link teams offer special in-house events to bring residents together around shared interests and make Link Apartments® a great place to call home.

Each Link Apartments® features a well-appointed entertainment clubroom with comfortable seating areas where resident events and gatherings are hosted.

At Link Apartments® Manchester in Richmond, Virginia, an annual Holiday Party brings residents and team together for conversation and merriment over a decadent dessert bar. The self-service bar featured sweet bites including macaroons, tartlets and chocolate mousse. To accommodate residents’ varied work and school schedules, the event was held all day so everyone could partake in the festivities.

Chili Cook Off is another popular event at Link Apartments® Glenwood South in Raleigh, North Carolina. Residents showed off their culinary skills and whipped up their best batch of chili for the contest. With a wide variety of regional styles and ingredients represented, residents enjoyed sampling contenders’ creations—from spicy to meaty and everything in between. While the event brought residents together in the spirit of competition, everyone left with fun memories, full bellies and new friends.

Every Link community has adopted its own traditions such as these, and residents regularly socialize with one another in the form of book clubs, dog walks and workout buddies—turning each building into a community.