What To Do Before Moving Into A New Apartment

On the move?

As soon as you sign the lease for your new apartment, you need to knuckle down and begin the moving process.

Here are the things you need to do to ensure your move to your new apartment is hassle-free and as easy as possible.

Before Moving

First, ensure you’ve notified your current landlord that you’re not renewing your lease and will be moving. Tell them what day you’ll be moving out, and see if there is anything special you need to do before turning in your keys.

Don’t forget to clean up!

Next, check with your new landlord about when you can pick up the keys, what day you can begin moving in, and where you should park while doing so. Finally, ensure that security deposits and the first month’s rent are taken care of, and you understand when rent is due and how it should be paid.

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Take Care of Utilities

Your lease will usually cover a few utilities, such as water and trash. Setting up other utilities will be your responsibility. Cancel, transfer, or set up services (electricity, gas, cable, internet, etc.) from your old apartment to your new one.

Update Address Info

Get a change-of-address form from the USPS and fill it out. The forward date should match the day you move into your new apartment. You’ll also want to update your information with your bank, credit card, car loan provider, various subscriptions, etc. Finally, don’t forget to let friends and family know about your new address.

Packing Up

Start earlier than later. Begin with belongings you won’t need immediately, such as books, wall art, DVDs, decorations, memorabilia, etc. This is also an excellent time to pack out-of-season clothing and dishware/cookware you won’t need immediately.

As you get closer to moving day, start packing more immediate items, or at least have them ready to box up the night before moving day. This would also be the time to disassemble as much furniture as practical.

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Consider Renting Storage

If you’re downsizing or planning on a whole new look for your living space, you may want to look into renting some secured storage space. This will allow you more room to work on your new apartment, how it will be laid out, and to choose what stays and what goes.

Additional Tips

The above items are just the basics. Some other things you may want to consider as you move to your new apartment include:
– Explore your new neighborhood. Learn the locations of stores, restaurants, parks, libraries, etc. It’s also a good way to meet new neighbors.
– Shop for new furniture. Now is the time to abandon brick-and-board bookshelves and go for something more grown-up.
– Get renters insurance. This will help protect your belongings from fire, theft, and water damage. It’s often cheaper than replacing everything out-of-pocket.
– Hire professional movers. They’re insured, so your belongings are covered while being moved, and they’re well-practiced in the art of moving furniture and other belongings quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Moving Made Easy

Moving to a new place can be a big chore. Fortunately, with some careful planning, there’s no reason it shouldn’t go smoothly. Soon you’ll be kicking up your feet and enjoying your new apartment in comfort and satisfaction. Enjoy.

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How To Connect With Neighbors In A New Community

How To Connect With Neighbors

Connecting with new people can be one of the more significant challenges when settling into a new community. You might be moving into a residential apartment complex or condo. You might be living in a new neighborhood. Whatever your situation, it’s not unusual to feel like a stranger.

The good news is that turning things around and meeting your neighbors can be pretty straightforward. You can even find yourself with new friends in short order.

Here are six easy ways you can connect with your neighbors after you’ve moved into a new community. Give some or all a try and see how well they work for you.

1) Scan the Bulletin Boards

Most apartment buildings have bulletin boards near the major entrances. Some even have them on individual floors across from elevators or stairwells. Give these a look to see if there are any meetups, clubs, or other events happening.

2) Visit the Social Areas

Either before you choose to live in a particular apartment complex or community—or after you’ve settled in—visit the on-site amenities. Gyms, common rooms, lounges, and so forth are a great way to meet your neighbors. Some residential apartment communities have group fitness classes and pools. These are also super ways to meet new people.

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3) Wander the Grounds

After you’ve visited all of the indoor amenities, see what the outside is like. Are there people congregating by a fire pit or on benches? Look for playgrounds, basketball courts, or jogging paths to get a feel for the kind of people you’ll be living near. Use this as an opportunity to say hello.

4) Walk the Neighborhood

There’s more to connecting than meeting people in your apartment complex or community. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Visit some local cafes and restaurants. Where do people do their shopping? Many of these places may also have bulletin boards or signage advertising local events where you can meet new folk.

5) Organize an Event or Club

If there doesn’t seem to be much happening around your community, you can always start something yourself. What are your interests? You could create a book club, or a jogging or exercise group. You could organize a game night in one of the common areas or host an event in your home.

If your building or community has a newsletter, advertise your group or meet up there. If there are bulletin boards, make use of those as well. Just make sure you have permission to post.

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6) Use Social Media (with caution)

Social media apps like Facebook or Twitter can be a great way to learn who’s living in your community, what events are going on, what your shared interests might be, and what meetup opportunities there are. Start by Googling the name of your community or its address and see if any links pop up that lead to a social media account.

The only caveat is that many social media community groups can be inhabited by individuals who prefer to complain and troll instead of adding anything productive. Try not to let it color your perception of your community too much. These people are often few but loud. There will be plenty of other people there who welcome friendly, supportive discussion. But if you find a social media account for your community is too toxic, go ahead and stop following that group.

The above suggestions should already go a long way in helping you meet new people you can soon become friends with.

7) Don’t Be a Stranger

Meeting people doesn’t have to be complicated.

Once you get started, you’ll find that momentum will carry you the rest of the way. Now that you’ve settled into your new home, you can now enjoy your new friends and neighbors.

Community Greenway Etiquette Tips

Trail Etiquette: Guidelines for the Greenway

Whether you live a very active lifestyle or prefer to take things slower, you can benefit from having a greenway in your community. They’re great places for a run or a casual walk through a verdant landscape alongside others in your neighborhood.

If you haven’t checked out your local greenway yet, here’s what you should know.

What Is a Greenway?

Greenways are stretches of land often used to connect people and places. These open space corridors are usually made up of natural features, such as rivers and streams, or manufactured spaces, such as former railroad lines or spaces between neighborhoods.

Greenways can positively affect an area with vegetated buffers that protect natural habitats, reduce erosion and flooding, and improve water quality. In addition, many greenways feature paved and unpaved trails perfect for recreation, bicycle commutes, skaters, walkers, horseback riders, wheelchair use, and social or civic gatherings.

To better serve residents, Link Apartments® intentionally builds apartment communities near greenways.

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How To Use a Greenway

Chances are there’s a greenway near you waiting to be used. Before you head out to explore, there are 13 good etiquette tips you should know to make sure everyone has a good time.

1) Stay to the right-hand side of the path except when passing. You should always pass on the left. If appropriate, give an audible warning when you’re about to pass so that those around you aren’t startled.

2) Pedestrians always have the right of way. Nonetheless, pedestrians should also exercise caution and be aware that some riders may not be able to stop or maneuver safely in time.

3) Always be considerate of other trail users. Don’t drop trash. Most greenways will have trash receptacles available. If there are none, take your trash with you.

4) Avoid stopping and standing on a trail that blocks other users. If you need to stop, move off the path to one side so others can pass freely.

5) Should an area along the greenway get a bit crowded, form a single line, so it’s easier for people to pass in either direction.

6) If you’re bringing children, make sure they are not walking or standing in fast-travel lanes meant for bicycles or rollerblades.

7) Cyclists should ride single file and at a safe speed. They should reduce speed in crowded spots or areas with reduced visibility or other hazards such as hills and turns.

8) Always wear reflective clothing and use reflectors and lights when using the trails after dark. This applies to anyone traveling along a path, including cyclists, joggers, or people simply out for a walk.

9) Use the buddy system and walk with others when you can. It’s not only safer, but it can also be more fun.

10) Be aware of your surroundings. This can mean avoiding isolated areas by yourself and not letting earbuds or loud audio keep you from hearing oncoming traffic.

11) Parking is often available on one or both ends of a greenway. When leaving your vehicle, make sure your valuables are secured and out of sight.

12) If dogs are allowed, they should be kept on a lead no longer than six feet. Maintain good control—especially when coming across other dogs.

13) And it should go without saying… always clean up after your dog. Dispose of waste bags in the trash or designated receptacles.

The Greenway Near You

Greenways are great ways to meet people, get some exercise, and enjoy the nature your community has to offer. If you live in a Link Apartments® community, you may be closer to all this than you realize.

Why wait?

Now that you know all about greenways, it’s time to get out see what your greenway has to offer you.

Link Apartments® Montford Unveils Contemporary Art


The geometric themes in Georgie’s work preludes to the connection between science and art itself. Self-taught, Nakima began painting conceptual abstract designs to pay homage to the Diaspora while accenting nature and biodiversity. After going to Northwest School of the Arts, she attended Winston-Salem State University with the intention to explore natural science and biology. Today, she uses art to visualize the interconnectedness of communities and their environment on a micro and macro level. To learn more about her work, feel free to visit www.gardenofjourney.com


Interstellar is the combination of two murals located in the Link Apartments®  Montford leasing center designed and created by artist, Georgie Nakima. The purpose was to embody the architectural elements of the Link brand and develop this into a visual landscape. Her designs create a synergy that bridges contrasting details as seen in the color scheme of warmth vs coolness, fluidity vs geometry, and construction vs nature. Overall, the function of this piece is to foster a visual collaboration that creates more impactful and positive engagement between the artist, the art, and the viewer.


Neighborhoods Worth Exploring and Supporting

Every location of the Link Apartments® is carefully selected to put residents at the heart of a city’s action. To promote the surrounding community and businesses, Link Apartments® hosts an array of events and activities to connect residents with the best each city has to offer.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, a wildly popular food hall opened three blocks away from the Link Apartments® Glenwood South. To provide residents with a one-of-a-kind experience, The Link team brought vendors from the hall’s local eateries, restaurants and food retailers to its club room where residents could sample their dishes and learn more about the food available nearby.

From May to October in Winston Salem, North Carolina, the Link Apartments® Innovation Quarter was the title sponsor for the Summer Series Movie Night at Bailey Park. Weekly outdoor movies drew hundreds of residents and neighbors alike to spread out on a picnic blanket and watch their favorite films under the stars.

Every Link Apartments® community is pet friendly, but we also love to show support for the four-legged friends who haven’t found their forever home yet. Link Apartments® Mixson in North Charleston, South Carolina sponsors several Humane Society events each year, handing out doggie goodies, toys and useful items for owners to raise awareness of the nonprofit and advocate for pet adoption.

A short drive away, residents are encouraged to take advantage of the monthly Yappy Hour at the James Island County Dog Park. Dogs can run off-leash and swim in the pond, while owners enjoy music and mingling over adult beverages.

To make it easier to get around town and explore different neighborhoods, two Link Apartments® communities currently feature public bike-share stations, known as B-Cycle. All Link apartment® communities include Link Ride bike rooms for residents to store recreational or commuting bicycles and perform maintenance and repairs.

Link Apartments® supports local artists and has commissioned public artworks for the entire community to enjoy, such as Vélocité by Yuri Tsuzuki located at Link Apartments® West End Greenville, South Carolina. This statue celebrates cycling for both its physical and mental impact on individuals and its positive contributions to cities.

Whichever Link Apartments® address you choose to call home, it’s easy to connect to community, play and work!


We Build Innovative and Efficient Apartments—and Community

Apartment living attracts fun, modern and vibrant residents. Our Link teams offer special in-house events to bring residents together around shared interests and make Link Apartments® a great place to call home.

Each Link Apartments® features a well-appointed entertainment clubroom with comfortable seating areas where resident events and gatherings are hosted.

At Link Apartments® Manchester in Richmond, Virginia, an annual Holiday Party brings residents and team together for conversation and merriment over a decadent dessert bar. The self-service bar featured sweet bites including macaroons, tartlets and chocolate mousse. To accommodate residents’ varied work and school schedules, the event was held all day so everyone could partake in the festivities.

Chili Cook Off is another popular event at Link Apartments® Glenwood South in Raleigh, North Carolina. Residents showed off their culinary skills and whipped up their best batch of chili for the contest. With a wide variety of regional styles and ingredients represented, residents enjoyed sampling contenders’ creations—from spicy to meaty and everything in between. While the event brought residents together in the spirit of competition, everyone left with fun memories, full bellies and new friends.

Every Link community has adopted its own traditions such as these, and residents regularly socialize with one another in the form of book clubs, dog walks and workout buddies—turning each building into a community.