What To Look For In A Studio Apartment

Best Studio Apartment Features

Moving into a studio might be a worthy option to consider if you’re looking to save money on rent without taking on a roommate or settling for a less-than-ideal location. Depending on the area, studio apartments can cost hundreds of dollars less than most one-bedroom apartments.

At the same time, living in a studio apartment might be an adjustment for first-time renters. However, if you can locate one that meets your needs and is reasonably priced, you might find the experience more pleasant than you’d initially expect.

Here are five things to look for when hunting for a quality studio apartment.

1) Sufficient Livable Space

Your studio apartment’s living space should make you feel at ease. While studio apartments tend toward the small size, you shouldn’t settle for a living space that makes you feel claustrophobic. Instead, ensure the main area of your studio apartment has enough room for a desk, a living area, and a bedroom area. Your house should feel like a home, not a monk’s cell, no matter what size.

2) Ample Natural Light

Most studio apartments have large windows, making a small studio apartment feel bigger. The direction the windows face will affect how much light the flat gets. North and south-facing windows don’t get direct sun. East or west exposure guarantees light (at least during the day).

Because light creates the sense of a larger apartment, buy curtains that don’t block windows when open. You can also hang mirrors across from windows to increase natural light in your workspace.

More lighting can help decrease energy waste as you’ll use less electric lighting during the day without sacrificing brightness and visibility.

what to look for efficient apartment

3) Vertical Space

Because you’ll have limited horizontal space in a studio, look for a place with generous ceiling height. High ceilings can make your apartment look more prominent and provide more room to hang stuff.

Install shelves for extra storage and mount your TV to a wall to avoid needing a TV stand. Choose tall bookshelves or dressers to maximize vertical space and save floor space.

4) Generous Storage

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean sacrificing storage space. On the contrary, you’ll need that storage because a small area can quickly get cluttered and disorganized. Keeping extra items in a closet area will make your space look neater, more organized, and bigger.

Closets may not be enough if you’re downsizing from a larger home. Instead, look for an apartment complex with storage units if you can’t fit a piece of furniture in your studio. Basements and parking garages often have spots reserved for this purpose.

5) Full-Sized Appliances

A smaller apartment shouldn’t mean smaller appliances. If you enjoy cooking, your studio apartment should include a normal-sized fridge and stove. Studio apartments with a dishwasher or washer and dryer are rare, but a studio apartment that offers full-sized appliances will make for a nicer living experience.

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Living In Style No Matter the Size

Studio apartments have a lot to offer the right renter. Most are located in the most vibrant parts of a community—close to fine dining, entertainment, and bustling nightlife. Many apartment communities also offer onsite gyms, secure access, and social areas.

Take your time and know what you’re looking for. Then, when you find the right place, you’ll know.

Innovative Amenities That Are Changing Apartment Living

In 2022, there are many reasons to be excited about apartment living. In just a few years, we’ve seen apartments become more than just places to live – they’ve become thriving and engaged communities.

And as people everywhere have adjusted their lifestyles to fit the new millennium, community and apartment amenities have followed suit to meet the changing needs of tenants.

Here are a handful of innovative amenities that are changing apartment living for the better:

1) EV Charging Stations

As more and more people ditch their gas-guzzling cars in favor of electric vehicles, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for apartments to have EV charging stations on site. This feature helps streamline everyday living for tenants who only need to use a car occasionally.

2) Work From Home Lounges

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to stay home! On-property Work From Home Lounges is becoming increasingly popular, giving tenants a place to get out of the house and get some work done in a professional setting.

best apartment amenities 2023

3) Community Centers With Chef’s Demo Kitchen

When you want to entertain or have a party, apartment communities with a Chef’s Demo Kitchen offer the perfect place to celebrate. Use the commercial-grade appliances to prepare a meal for your guests, then enjoy the party in a beautiful setting.

4) EV Car Sharing Programs

No problem if you don’t own a vehicle! EV car-sharing programs are becoming more and more popular in apartment communities. For people who only need to use a car occasionally, it’s a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

5) Bark Parks

Let us not forget about our furbabies! On-site bark parks and dog grooming areas make life easier for pet parents and are a great way to meet other pet-friendly tenants.

apartment dog parks

6) In-Unit Washers And Dryers

Why waste time, energy, and quarters at the laundromat when your apartment features a full-size washer and dryer? It’s a luxury that more and more tenants are demanding, and it’s one that landlords are happy to provide.

7) USB Charging Outlets

Considering that a USB cord now powers nearly everything we use, it’s no wonder that apartments are starting to install USB charging outlets in every unit. No more fighting over outlets or hunting for that elusive adapter – plug in and go!

8) Locations With High Walk Scores

If you’re looking for an apartment near everything you need, look for one with a high Walk Score. That means you’ll be able to walk to restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and more – making life easier and giving you some much-needed exercise.

These are just a few innovative amenities that are changing apartment living. And, with units ranging from Junior Suites and Studios to spacious three-bedrooms, you have all the space and innovative amenities you need to live your best life.

These are just a few of the innovative amenities’ residents love to enjoy at our Link Apartments® communities. Find one near you!

Intelligent Apartment Building Design

Building For The Future

As we continue to barrel through the first few decades of the 21st century, the United States is experiencing one of the largest housing crises ever experienced. Over the past few years, there has been a growing gap between moderately priced rental housing and rising demand from those who earn between 60% and 140% of area median income. Supply chain problems and other issues have caused new home construction costs to skyrocket. Many young workers and their families are looking for good, affordable places to live closer to work or school and reflect their generational values.

Grubb Properties is taking a unique approach to the demand for essential housing with Link Apartments® featuring intelligent design, green living, and resident amenities as a low-cost, urban infill living opportunity.

Grubb Properties is dedicated to finding ways to make its communities more cost-effective, efficient, and clean. By focusing on creative and progressive building and unit design, Link Apartments® are for efficiency. Most Link Apartments® apartment communities offer six basic floor plans that benefit both construction and the residential living experience.

intelligent building design

How Grubb Properties Employs Intelligent Design

Grubb Properties uses several innovations they have developed to build the apartment communities of the future and serve to fill the essential housing gap.

First, they focus on acquiring office buildings with established parking that can be rezoned for multifamily housing. Where possible, they develop structures that can have shared parking for both business and residential uses. Fewer overall parking spaces cut down on the land needed for parking and lower construction costs.

The limited six floor plans used at all Link Apartments® communities make construction more standardized and benefit costs. Keeping apartment designs to six also means unit finishes, fit-outs, and utility arrangements are more efficient and cost-controlled.

The intelligent design of apartment communities goes beyond just layout and construction. Grubb Properties builds long-term relationships with residents by creating a portfolio-wide long-term resident program that financially rewards residents who have earned longevity. To help encourage long-term residency, Link Apartments® offers a wealth of onsite amenities, including:
– Controlled access parking
– Supplemental storage options
– Fitness and yoga centers
– Cycle centers with storage
– Clubhouses with kitchens
– Outdoor gas grilling stations
– EV charging stations
– Secure package delivery
– Pools, sundecks, dog parks, and more!

Link Apartments® also feature consumer-driven amenities and smart technology, such as adaptive and efficient heating and cooling systems, ENERGY STAR® appliances, smart leak sensors to minimize water waste, and LED lighting. Link Apartments® residents’ energy bills are on average 15% lower than they would be at comparable properties.

intelligent apartment construction

Going a Step Beyond

While many apartment communities may offer some of the above-listed amenities, Grubb Properties goes the extra mile to not only attract professionals looking for affordable housing but ensure they become long-term residents as well.

Grubb Properties has partnered with Copenhagenize Design Co. to plan and design “bike- and walk-first” neighborhoods, cutting down on residents’ needs for cars (and car payments) without sacrificing access to essential shopping and recreation.

Similarly, a pilot program being tried at several Link Apartments® allows residents to rent a Tesla Model 3 for as little as an hour and up to several days, freeing many from the expense and hassles of individual car ownership.

Environmentally Responsible

Another aspect of intelligent design when it comes to providing essential housing is a focus on environmental consciousness. The new generation of American workers and professionals are keenly aware of the need for sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.

In addition to the energy-efficient amenities in each Link Apartments®, Grubb Properties also promotes biodiversity preservation, soil impact minimization, and pollution mitigation at its building sites. They are also committed to regionally appropriate, drought-resistant, and pollinator-friendly landscaping.

* * *

For more information, visit our Grubb Properties website at www.grubbproperties.com to see how our essential housing investment strategy starts with principle.

Link Apartments® Expands to California Providing Future Rental Housing Opportunities

Grubb Properties Launches Grubb Real Estate Fund VII,
Opens San Jose Office

Fund focuses on essential housing, addressing a crucial housing shortage facing America

CHARLOTTE, NC (April 6, 2021) – Grubb Properties, a leading vertically integrated commercial real estate firm, today announced the launch of the Grubb Real Estate Fund VII. In addition, Grubb Properties has opened a corporate office in San Jose, CA, to facilitate new acquisitions and developments in the western United States, including previously announced developments in Denver, CO, and Los Angeles, CA.

Following on the success of Funds I-VI, the Grubb Real Estate Fund VII will focus on multi-family opportunities primarily through Grubb’s Link ApartmentsSM brand. Through strategic site selection and creative development and design methods, Link ApartmentsSM communities fill the gap between affordable and luxury housing, a sector the company terms “essential housing.”


A Middle-Class Housing Crisis Presents Opportunities

With a 3.7-million-unit housing shortfall in the U.S. and demand expected to exceed supply until the 2030s, middle class Americans are facing an unprecedented housing crisis. The median new home price now exceeds $345,000 and the average apartment rent has reached $1476 per month, putting both options out of reach for many middle-income workers. At the same time, construction and land costs continue to rise, limiting new construction and available supply.

Grubb Properties addresses this crisis through its Link ApartmentsSM brand, the primary strategy driving Grubb Real Estate Fund VII. Link ApartmentsSM communities focus on key elements that make residents feel like they aren’t forced to compromise on quality, while also driving efficiencies to maximize returns for investors. Targeted to residents earning from 60% to 140% of average median income (AMI), Link ApartmentsSM occupy a unique space in Grubb’s target markets.

Link ApartmentsSM are designed with an eye toward environmental stewardship. All buildings are National Green Building Standard certified, and many feature electric vehicle charging stations and proximity to bikeways. Grubb Properties is a leader in transit-oriented design, seeking out locations near major transit hubs or greenways to limit the need for parking, and/or creating shared parking models between the residential and commercial components of developments.

Utilizing a proprietary model for site selection, Grubb Properties seeks out locations near major fixed employment centers, including universities, government offices, and medical centers, in cities that have proven to be resilient to economic shocks. This careful approach has proven to be successful as the nation emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By focusing on essential housing in resilient markets, and working closely and compassionately with residents, Grubb Properties is coming out of the pandemic well-positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities we see in the market,” said Clay Grubb, CEO of Grubb Properties. “Our process was put to the test over the past year and we came through with flying colors.”


New San Jose Office Reinforces National Scope

To facilitate Grubb Properties’ expanding footprint, the firm has also announced a new corporate office in San Jose, CA. Located at 777 North First Street, the San Jose office will enable Grubb to establish an on-the-ground presence in the western United States.

“This move reflects our company’s growth and all the success we have found with our essential housing strategy,” said Grubb. “We are now seeing generational buying opportunities in gateway markets such as Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and our San Jose office will best position us to take advantage of this moment.”


About Grubb Properties

Grubb Properties, founded in 1963, creates exceptional real estate environments and provides premier customer service for our residents and tenants through the repositioning of office buildings and the development of multifamily communities under our nationally registered Link ApartmentsSM brand. Our fully integrated management team identifies strategies that create long-term value for our clients. Grubb Properties’ growth is primarily funded through real estate investment funds with long-term horizons. Perspective drives performance. For more information, visit www.grubbproperties.com.

Grubb Properties has received numerous sustainability designations and recognitions, and undergoes annual ESG assessments through GRESB. Clay Grubb’s book, “Creating the Urban Dream,” was published by Forbes Books in 2020.


Media Contact:

Emily Ethridge, Corporate Communications Manager, eethridge@grubbproperties.com, (704) 405-5148